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Something interesting about VidOn Server and VidOn Cloud


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Posted 15 April 2015 - 07:54 AM

Hi all

Now you can download the Server for PC v2.0.2.7 from our official website, maybe it looks ugly and you think nothing more can do with it.
But that's not the final version we will release. It will have a big change.

So let's see what technical features does VidOn Server & VidOn Cloud (TV) have.

VidOn Server for PC
1. Support almost all formats of video, including file source, DVD iso, BD iso and BD BDMV, so you don't need to transcode these files.

2. More friendly support on subtitles
- Fuzzy matching subtitles, means if the file name of the subtitle is not exactly the same with the movie file name, we can also load the subtitle automatically.
- If the movie has an external subtitle, the server won't re-encode it. Some other servers will decode the movie and add the subtitle in then re-encode the movie, so the subtitle is painted on the picture.
- Support GPU acceleration when transcoding, including Nvidia, AMD and Intel GPU
- The response time is very fast when switching subtitles and audio tracks, because we needn't to decode and re-encode the movie, the movie and subtitle are different two streams, so your CPU won't have much load.
- The seek speed and open file speed is very fast.

3. Scraping movie meta info - you don't have to name your file strictly according to the naming rule, we have more rules to match your movie name, so that to ensure as much as possible movies info could be scraped.

4. Automatically matches the best picture quality. The server will send the best picture quality to your output devices (smartphone, tablet or TV box) according to the network situation, the processing capabilities of the output devices and more other conditions.

5. Buffering mode playback. Since the server can download the media content from server to your client at a very fast speed, so it can buffer the whole movie to your smartphone when you are watching to movie, so when you out of the WiFi range, your movie won't be cut off. Of course the buffered movie could be deleted automatically or manually.

6. On our VidOn Box, you can also enjoy the 3D Blu-ray movie.

We used our own private transfer protocol (UUDP) to ensure the good user experience and the transcoded movie format also is a private format which makes the data transfer amount reach the minimum.

One important feature of VidOn Server is that the system requirement can be very low, your server even doesn't need a discrete graphics, an on board Intel intergrated graphics can do all the work. So you can install it on a mini PC or NUC and hang it on the back of your TV

VidOn Cloud TV

This client is designed for the Android Box, it also very powerful.
1. You can choose "play main title" or "menu mode" when playing BD movie.
2. It can switch the frame rate automatically, like 24Hz, 25Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz...
3. It will match the audio track and subtitles automatically according to users' settings.

Of course we also will add more features in the futures, such as
1. Will support 23.976Hz when playing NTSC source.
2. Will transcode and play the 25Hz PAL source in 24Hz mode (But the audio can only be PCM)

Now the VidOn Cloud TV can only work fine on our VidOn Box, and we will make it work on all android boxes in the future, if you don't have a VidOn Box, you can also try the VidOn Cloud on your Android Phone and iPhone (we will submit the VidOn Cloud to App Store very soon).



We will release the VidOn Server for PC, Android Box, Mac, Linux and NAS and VidOn Cloud for iOS, Android, Win PC and Mac one by one.

You can remote access the server via 3G/4G/WiFi in the future version.


If you have some features that are very expected, please tell us.

Any questions, please reply.

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