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Announcement: For old forum members - How to login the new forum?

Posted by Wolly Xu

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Hi, all!

We have changed a new forum program to provide you a better experience. Now some old forum users may have found out that you cann't login, so here is the way to tell you how to login.

(I know it's hard to understand, but you have to do this)

1. For a Forum member, if both the username and email registered on the Forum already exist in VidOn.me User Center as one account, he/she can use the password of VidOn.me User Center to login the Forum.

2. If a Forum member hasn't registered neither username nor email used for the Forum in VidOn.me User Center, he/she can go to the login page to click "Forget Password?" then enter the email address to reset the password.

3. For those Forum members who have either username or email registered for the Forum already existing in VidOn.me User Center, you can contact us, we will help you change the username or email to make them match as one account.

In short, if you have registered on VidOn.me website, then the username and email must be exactly same as it on the old forum, if you haven't registered on VidOn.me website, you just need to reset a new password with your email which was used to register on the old forum, and if you have registered on VidOn.me website but the username or email is not the one you used on the old forum, please contact us.

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