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#10868 Feature requests VidOn Player iOS app

Posted by Wolly Xu on 02 March 2015 - 11:37 AM

Hi, pacorob

Thank you for your suggestions.

We will consider the 1st and 2nd carefully.

Now we are developing the VidOn Cloud which can display the posters of the movie and TV show on your phone, but this feature needs the VidOn Server to support, you know it needs a server to scratch those meta info.


And about the AC3 support, maybe you can find some other ways to make it work, for example, put this file Attached File  VPDescEXCPAC.zip   1.22KB   1402 downloads(uncompress it) into the VidOn Player fold via iTunes. :smile:

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#9947 VidOn Box review by wojtekadams

Posted by wojtekadams on 21 January 2015 - 09:02 AM

Since a short while ago, I had become a owner of VidOn Box – the professional home media player based on Android OS. It is manufactured by one of main sponsor of XBMC. This device is powered by quad-core Allwinner A31s (Cortex-A7) and PowerVR SGX544 MP2 GPU, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB memory flash.
VidOn Box is sold in black box with a gold logo on the top, at the bottom we can see a ifnrmation about the parameters, that I mentioned above. Additionally in the set we found IR remote control with battery CR2032, a power adapter, a user’s manual and VidOn membership card with subscriptions on 12-months.
Design of VidOn Box
VidOn Box is the most beautiful android player, which I had the pleasure to work with it. Cover was made mostly of aluminum (painted in gold color), and plastic elements is black, so that the device looks very stylish. Its shape is the original – this is not simply rectangular with rounded corners, but cross section of strongly oblate spheroid. By the way all you can see in the pictures.
The front panel is created of translucent glossy black plastic that hides the IR sensor and white LED, which indicates the status of the unit.
All ports was situated around the back of the device: optical audio output (S-PDIF), 2 USB Host ports, HDMI out, Ethernet and DC Power input. There is no microSD card slot, so the only option to expand memory is connected HDD by USB ports.
The included remote control is not distinguished by anything in particular. Can be found the eleven buttons on it, that allow you to freely navigate through the system and applications.
The remote offers a power button for putting the device into standby and directional buttons with a central “OK” button. Below this is the 3 standard Android buttons – Menu, Back and Home and a volume chenger. However, the pilot is made of rubber coated plastic material, that prevents it from slipping from your hands. Is powered by a CR2032.
On the device has been pre-installed Android 4.4.2 version. In the system Launcher was changed on new (Vidon Media Center) – personalized to support the RCU. Menu in VMC is split into tree tabs – My Apps, Files and Settings.The device doesn’t have a many preinstalled applications – not included the file manager and older version of VidOn XBMC (Frodo). A very interesting solution is the 1-click installations in My Apps tab in launcher – which can be downloaded with one click. In among these links was Netflix, Pinterest, Hulu Plus, YouTube, and new versions of XBMC VideOn (Gotham) – all of the links were denoted by a small arrow.Of course in the system will find the Google Play. In Vidon Media Center was built media player, file manager (Files tab) where you can browse the shared resources on the network through protocols Samba, NFS, FTP, or DLNA.
Configuration wizzard
Naturally, the first boot of the device appears a configuration wizard (very nice touch) , which in turn choose the basic settings of our Vidon Box. In the first step we have to choose the primary language, configure display resolution, type of connection to the Network, the time zone and audio output. In the last step before we have to login to your account created on VideOn.me and eventually enter the code from the membership card, after which the subscription will be assigned to your account.
VidOn company to focused on own version of popular XBMC. XBMC for VidOn subscribers offers some interesting features – including the ability to run DVD and Blu-ray images with full menu navigation. Additionali VidOn XBMC has a passthrough AC3 / DTS 5.1 SPDIF and True HD / DTS-HD HDMI output.
VidOn Box supports any formats (TS, MP4, MKV, AVI, VOB or anything else) and codecs and the same goes with my observations – easily copes with video playback at 1080p with a high bitrate of 60 fps. It is a pity that the processor does not have support for 4K (software decoding), but VidOn Xbmc supports a 1080p Over/Under 3D video playback and this feature works very well.
We can extend the functionality of the XBMC through formal and less formal Add-ons. On website superrepo.org can be found at over 2.400 plugins! Of the most common add-ons we found GENESIS or 1Channel – play a wide selection of movies and TV shows from all world.
Internal Memory and external devices
Vidon Box is equipped with 8 GB of memory. For user is 4.93 GB (divided into two partitions: 0.99 GB and 3.94 GB). It can apparently support up to 8 USB devices simultaneously as long as they are connected via a usb hub with an external power supply, as well as the capability to access an HDD up to 3 TB. Playback from external devices is smooth.
Performance and stability
Android 4.4.2 works very stable. I didn’t have situation where the system hangs or slow down.
Through Allwinner A31s with PowerVR SGX544 GPU the VidOn Box scored 15296 points in Antutu. In Games graphics performance is OK, I preformed this test on Plants vs Zobies 2.
VidOn Membership
VidOn added to set a one year membership. This premium option allow to get OTA updates, Blu-Ray Menu Navigation and HD Audio Passthrough in VidOn Xbmc. For more information, see the comparison here.
App Remote
VidOn creates aplication by which we can operate the device with your phone, if we run XBMC. Also Vidon Box configuration option can be found, where automatically when the device is booted to XBMC. If we want to, then we have to go to the Settings -> General and mark “Start VidOn XBMC upon booting”. Next in XBMC: System->Settings->Services->Webserver to enable „Allow control of XBMC via HTTP.
Let’s summarize the VidOn Box. It is a decent device – has a good looking and runs stability. Video playes very smooth on it.
  • stable system (firmware)
  • design
  • OTA firmware and XBMC upgrades
  • suppport for Bluray Menu in XBMC
  • 3D video support
  • lack of 4K hardware video decoding
  • the flash is partitiones
Vidon Box can be purchased directly on Vidon.me for $69.99 including shipping and one free year of membership.
Link to oryginal review: http://wojtekadams.p...don-review_ang/
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#7962 VidOn Box SDK v 1.2 is out!

Posted by Wolly Xu on 05 November 2014 - 09:11 AM

Dear users,

VidOn Box SDK v 1.2 is out!

Release Date: November 5, 2014

Download link

Change log

1. Removed some invalid pre-installed apps and XBMC add-ons.
2. Added support to Logitech K400/K400r wireless keyboard and Logitech Mini Controller.
Please Note: 
For improving memory usage and for better performance of the box, this update will format data partition and all user data will be cleared.
Please update the SDK to the latest version asap!


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#4834 VidOn XBMC v1.1.0.1 is out! [Special Version for Forum Users Only]

Posted by Wolly Xu on 07 June 2014 - 06:44 AM

Dear users,

VidOn XBMC v1.1.0.1 is out!

Release Date: Jun 7, 2014

Download link

Change log

1. Added User Center: Users can register and login User Center to join VidOn.me community for new function experience.
2. Changed the upgrade manner to incremental upgrade which features smaller update pack and faster update speed.
3. Improved Menu Mode for playback, and menu navigation is much smoother now.
4. Fixes:

*The audio drop out problem that may occur to SMB playback.
*The incorrect aspect ratio problem that may happen during playback.
*The crash problem that occurred to some certain movies when playing in menu mode.
*The problem that the playback for some certain movies is not smooth.

Please update your app to the latest version, thank you!
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#6707 The 'VidOn Box' is coming in July 2014. Got any questions?

Posted by zhang on 19 September 2014 - 01:36 AM

Of course, we will provide the latest version of VidOn XBMC. 
I know what you mean, the latest version of official XBMC is XBMC 13.2(Kodi has not been released), but for now the most stable version is still XBMC 12.
But we will update VidOn XBMC to 13 in the future.

That's the truth we are behind the official's XBMC release :sad: , but we are working hard at it.
we will try to provide XBMC13(Gotham) stable version first and then we will provide Kodi 14(Helix) beta vesion. :cool:
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#6577 VidOn Box now comes with a free VidOn Membership Trial, for only $49

Posted by James on 10 September 2014 - 08:45 AM

Dear All:

To celebrate the launch of the new VidOn Box, we are happy to be able to offer you an amazing new deal for a limited time only: when you purchase the VidOn Box it will now come with a free VidOn Membership trial, for only $49!

The free trial will allow you to experience the advanced features of VidOn Membership for free before Dec 22nd, 2014. When the free trial ends, you can decide whether to extend your membership subscription. After Dec 22nd 2014, the VidOn Box will return to the original price of $72.88, which includes a 12-month membership service. Of course, if you choose not to renew your membership you will still be able to enjoy many of the amazing features and use VidOn Box as a standard Android Box.

For those who have already made reservation, there is no need to reserve again. Please make sure to come to our website to purchase the box on the purchase day. We will inform you of the accurate purchase time via email in advance. Please keep an eye on your mailbox and our website.

Reservation Page: http://vidon.me/reserve.htm
Here is all you need to know about the promotion: http://vidon.me/preorder_guide.htm

Best Regards
VidOn.me Team

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#6230 The 'VidOn Box' is coming in July 2014. Got any questions?

Posted by Wolly Xu on 16 August 2014 - 10:40 AM

I took a video by my phone to show you the new UI of VidOn Box, and how to add source, how to play Blu-ray in Menu Mode. After adding a source, it needs some time to collect the movie information or take a screenshot of the video or create thumbnail for picture. If you don't use any XBMC addons, VidOn Media Center can totally replace XBMC. :tootha:
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#13418 VidOn XBMC v15.2.2 is out

Posted by Wolly Xu on 28 January 2016 - 11:35 AM

Hi, all

VidOn XBMC v15.2.2 is out!

Release Date: Jan 28, 2016

Download link


Change log (Read it before you install the app)

1. Added the support for Amlogic S812 & S905.

2. Optimized the scan and load external subtitles.

3. Optimized the settings of the text-based subtitles.

4. Auto change the UI language to Chinese if your language environment is Chinese.

5. Optimized subtitles overlapping issues when playing certain BD files.

6. Fixed the frame rate auto-switch issue, but still need the chipset manufacture to update the firmware.

7. Fixed the issue of AC3/DTS passthrough on S905

8. Fixed some other bugs.


GItHub Source Code Link: 



Note: BD 3D playback and BD menu mode still have some little issues, we will try to fix those issues in the next version.

Please update it asap, we hope to hear your feedback.

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#12940 Dvdfab giveaway: Has expired,no more valid.

Posted by hasse61 on 11 September 2015 - 08:54 AM

Just for info.

Seems DVDFab has a free  promotion lifetime version of their mediaplayer for Win or Mac from 10-28 sep. 2015.

For further information,please look at their website: "DVDFab.cn"

I myself have just submitted my email adress and within minuttes i got the activation key.

Just wanted to share it here, in case anyone else would have interest in this.


Edit: Seems some have trouble finding the promotion-offer.

Click "learn more" takes you to a new page,scroll down a little,tick for WIN or MAC version,and enter your email address.

This way i got an email with download-link,instructions and activation-key.After download and installation i double-clicked the activation-key and got the "never expire" license.



Regards Hasse

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#10713 The link to SDK v3.1.3 is incorrect - only 1MB

Posted by systemtek on 25 February 2015 - 01:08 AM

Why is it that no matter where I try and download this img from, it is only a 1 megabyte file?

Firmware & Software Download for VidOn.me Android Blu-ray Box (AV200/AV100)
1. AV200 SDK v 3.1.3 IMG File Size: 568MB Download

Had the red light of death after not turning the unit on for a month (AV200)

Tried the mele firmware but it wouldnt get past logo.  Finally found a 3.1.3 img someone modified and submitted for testing.  It is working now, but would like to have the official release in case I run into problems again.
Thanks for any help.
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#9083 Gotham builds: MySQL Support

Posted by GregiBoy on 22 December 2014 - 03:34 AM

I have tested the latest version of Vidon XBMC on the box and it supports a centralised MySQL Database.
I've just got to do a little fine tuning and will post my advancedsettings.xml & sources.xml here.
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#8836 Help, I can't find the 'full featured' VMC GUI / When will it ret...

Posted by fba on 11 December 2014 - 06:48 PM

How do i became a beta tested for this device?


I have a feeling these so call beta tested don't know what they are doing.


I think SeeMoreDigital took the high road, so let me take the low road.


When you want to join up with a group, it is best not to make comments about how that group sucks.   It kinda tends to alienate you from the get-go, and probably decreases your chances to get in the group.    At the same time, it is probably good to understand how things work before making comments about how "... these so call[sic] beta tested[sic] don't know what they are doing."   If you were to look at the resumes of the most active of the testers among us, you would find that collectively we all know a *LOT* about various aspects of making a top notch video streaming device.    A better tact would be to be positive in your comments about how you could improve the situation.   So instead of saying that the existing testers don't know what they are doing, perhaps you could say "I think I could bring a lot to the table in terms of testing.   I watch more movies that is humanly possible.   I'm capable of turning in to an electron and following the packets as they travel through the wires between my server and the streaming box, etc."   MUCH more likely to make a good impression and get noticed that way.


But, I also want to address the comment that the current testers "suck".   Unfortunately (for you), you can't see the private message boards on this forum.   Every time a new version is released to us for testing, the most active among us are all over it.   We start testing functionality based on the equipment that we have, which is pretty diverse.   When we find issues, we post them to the private area so that the VidOn.me developers can look in to them.   And the next test release usually fixes some of the problems that we found.   However, you have to keep in mind that VidOn.me has a *REALLY* hard job.   Their ultimate goal is to be able to play back both DVDs and Blu-rays with full menus, and audio with a front-end that is easy to use and highly functional.   But, that goal means that they have to also deal with compatibility issues with every known TV and receiver, every different possible configuration of networking devices (which itself is painful because 'home' grade networking gear generally sucks), and every different type of ripper and file container out there (along with the quirky ripping 'tweaks' that every fool does to their collection because it is 'better').    And, top to it all off, they need to keep a reasonable release schedule to make sure that all of their current customers don't just walk away with the assumption that they have given up on their box.


So, are there some problems with the software that runs on the VidOn box?  Yup.    Does code get released when there are known bugs?  Anyone in development knows this is the case no matter if you are talking about the best funded project down to some guy in his garage.   Are bugs that people complain about on the forum found by the testers?   I have yet to see one show up on here that one of the current testers has not found.    But, VidOn.me releases the code because they are trying to show their customers that they are making progress on some of the issues.   And each release that I have seen addresses some of the issues that people have complained about on this forum.


In general, if you are having problems with a product, you have three choices.  1) You can return it, and try to find something else.   2) You can bitch about the problems and just be annoying.   3) You can jump in with those of us that are trying to make things better, and ask for ways that you can help out.    When you consider the fact that the boxes that used to be at "the top" of the blu-ray ISO playback game can no longer include support for Blu-ray menus without including Cinavia support, and as a result many of those players have dropped out, you will quickly see that your options for really streaming blu-rays in a good way are shrinking.   So option #1 is quickly going away.   Option #2 is both annoying, and unreasonable.   The VidOn box, without the ability to play blu-rays and other formats is a good deal.  I doubt you will find an Android box like this for the price they are asking anywhere else.   VidOn.me decided to go the subscription route as a way to allow its customers to vote with their wallets on how the software development is coming along.   Don't like how it is progressing?  No problem.  That VidOn box will run the freely available version of XBMC or any number of other video players available for Android.   So your investment is still good.  (VidOn.me has not locked the box so it only runs their stuff, which is *REALLY* nice of them!)   Option #3 is really the right way to handle things.   Got a blu-ray that isn't playing?  Post on the bug forum, let us know the details of what is happening, send a log file in to VidOn.me and maybe even go as far as pinging Wolly or Joe to make sure they know your log came in.  (Sorry Wolly and Joe, that may be annoying advice from me.  :tootha:    The more information you can help out with, the easier it is for the developers to chase down the problem and get it fixed.  (Trust me on this one, I am a code monkey for a living.  I know what I am talking about.)


Since there has been a talk on the forums about ties that VidOn.me has with DVDfab (I don't know how true that is, but it fits my narrative, so I am running with it), you should look at the community that exists around DVDfab.   When new movies come out that DVDfab can't rip, the community posts about it on the forums.   Logs are passed around, and the issue is quickly fixed. (I have been through this process in the past with a movie I purchased.)  VidOn.me has a little way to go with their own development before we can really expect to get that kind of turnaround, but from comments that VidOn.me makes on this forum, that seems to be their ultimate goal.   But, it is going to take a little bit of community help to get there.   It is unlikely that VidOn.me has the resources to purchase every possible DVD and blu-ray that has ever been released.   But, between all of us on the forums here, we probably have a good chance of having a significant number of them!


Okay, off my soap box now..    :smile:

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#7827 [Unpinned By Admin]New round of VidOn Box sales begins November 5th, 2014. [S...

Posted by James on 30 October 2014 - 10:24 AM

Dear customers,
The VidOn Box will once again be available for purchase, and this time there is no need to make a reservation! But each purchase will be limited to 3 units.
Purchasing will open next Wednesday, November 5th, 2014.
The price is $69.99 and includes:
The VidOn Box + Free $15 Value One-Year VidOn Membership + Free Shipping.
The new remote will also come with this round of VidOn Boxes for increased ease of use and to satisfy our loyal customers who gave us such valuable feedback.
For those of you who have already purchased a VidOn Box before November 5th, 2014, we will be extending your VidOn Membership by one year! We will also be offering our customers the chance to replace their old VidOn Box remotes with our newer model. We will release more details regarding the membership extension, remote replacement, and how to apply very soon, so stay tuned!
VidOn.me Team

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#4343 DVDFab DMCA Legal Issues

Posted by Blumamba on 10 April 2014 - 12:17 AM

Good Day to all. I am curious as to if development for the hardware will still be ongoing due to the legal issues that DVDFab now has. I am under the impression that vidon.me is part of that company. So if the parent DVDFab folds, whats the fate of Vidon.me? I expect that you will tell me that it has no bearing and not to worry, but I take ALL those statements with a grain of salt. So, please just get a real truthful answer before posting a reply. Thanks
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#13471 2016 Chinese Spring Festival Holiday Notice

Posted by Wolly Xu on 01 February 2016 - 11:05 AM

Dear All:


Due to the occasion of the 2016 Spring Festival, we will leave for the holiday from February 6th to February 14st, so we may not respond to you as quickly as usual.


Happy Spring Festival from the VidOn.me Team :)

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#11730 VidOn Server v is out!

Posted by James on 13 April 2015 - 04:07 AM

Dear users,


VidOn Server v is out!


Release Date: July 1, 2015


Hi all, the new version is now available, happy testing :)



VidOn Server




1. Added more media info for Movie and TV shows

2. Added the feature to edit media info

3. Added file stacking feature for movies

4. Added the Channels feature

5. Added the feature to check the reason when media info fails to download

6. Fixed an issue for adding SMB sources

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#10063 VidOn XBMC installation & possible stability remedy...

Posted by bdreams on 25 January 2015 - 04:18 PM

I must say thank you guys for a great job I know it's a work in progress and sometime people don't take the time to say that to you guys for the great support you guys have put in this product.

I did my clean install has always works great so far aspect ratio is working but I think it suffers from what the subtitle issue had not retaining the memory, you have to go in and select the desired aspect even though it is already selected. I will continue testing and let you guys know.

side note, it's always the same users complaining every time there is a update makes you wonder what they are doing wrong and instead of trying to work with you guys they complain.

I have options to play my stuff and for the price I paid for my vidon I must say thank you guys for great support because no other box out there can even come close to what you guys are offering .

Have a good day and keep up the good work.
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#8669 3D connectivity/display issues to 3D televisions

Posted by Wolly Xu on 06 December 2014 - 02:30 AM

So I posted my Log, but nobody is answering or helping. It really is frustrating!

Don't worry, our developers have analyzed your log, and this issue has been fixed in the new version which is expected to be released today.

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#6013 The 'VidOn Box' is coming in July 2014. Got any questions?

Posted by magnetic_storm2025 on 11 August 2014 - 11:47 AM

So now you let the cat out of the bag and offer a reservation (seems to be a tender offer like you did with the sellout of AV100/200) + an obligatory subscription.
I was quite sceptical when you introduced the Login so that this box with recurring costs is no longer an option for me.
Sad but true :bs2:

I agree,  I'm Shocked, Membership is a bad business plan and it's going to make customers go away i really wanted some units, but gone down this road before and got burned Plus what happens if they go out business. 

this online access stuff is crap I really wish they reconsider I really wanted it Plus it sounded so good blu-ray access, hub access.   They better offer Lifetime Membership price guess ha = 49.99 + 23.88= 73.87+ Shipping $$$
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#11043 Please tell us: About your IPTV 'addons' issues, here?

Posted by ihoti2001 on 10 March 2015 - 12:19 PM


just like to make a public apology here for my earlier conduct. I was just expresing my opinion. I didn't take particularly kindly to being accused of piracy.

Anyway I promise I will behave in the future so as to preserve the spirit of the community which I understand is about colaboration and sharing, not abuse.

Cheers ihoti2001
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